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Contemplative Progressive Model

At Blue Mountain School, we practice a Contemplative Progressive model.

Contemplative Education – Blue Mountain School helps students develop their awareness, concentration, and insight. We strive to use processes that illuminate the innate wisdom of human beings and cultivate a growing sense of peace and wonderment in everyday life.

We practice:

  • The exploration of Wisdom Traditions near and far as a means to understand the spirit
  • Poetry and storytelling as a means to explore the human condition
  • Movement arts as a means to explore and enhance one’s sense of physical connectedness and awareness
  • Silence and meditation as a means for reflection and inner awareness
  • Self-reflection and self-mastery techniques as a means to act with intention and thoughtfulness

Progressive Education – Blue Mountain School promotes Social-Emotional Learning and critical thinking through experiential activities and creative expression in a collaborative, project-based curriculum.

We practice:

  • The development of intrinsic values over extrinsic punishment-reward systems
  • Teacher-student collaboration in the learning process; ‘doing with’ instead of ‘doing to’
  • Social-Emotional Learning to meet a child’s social, emotional, and intellectual needs
  • A Project-based curriculum with subjects overlapping, as they often naturally do
  • Creative expression and reflection as a tool to find meaning and internalize learning

How do the Contemplative and Progressive models work together? Combined, these practices provide a holistic approach to education that nurtures the mind and the heart, the rational and the creative, the physical and the metaphysical; together, the Contemplative and Progressive models honor the whole child.

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