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Upper Elementary

Upper elementary teachers continue to implement the techniques used in the middle elementary classroom, but they also encourage students to work toward increased proficiency in what they are learning. To accomplish this, teachers working with our upper elementary students continue to present increased opportunities for decision-making and self-regulation, as often as is appropriate and possible. Social Emotional Learning needs again rise to the surface for many upper elementary students as they try on new personas, habits, and skills and undergo significant physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. Teachers working with upper elementary students are dedicated to helping their students navigate the transition from young children relying on adults to regulate their behavior into young people capable of making thoughtful and informed choices for themselves.

Daily Rhythm

8:30   Arrival and Morning Choices

9:15   Story Circle

10:00 Academics

11:30 Recess

12:00 Lunch

12:20 Silent Reading

1:05   Journal Reflections (Mon & Wed)

1:20   Math Practice (Mon & Wed)

12:30 Math with Haley (Tue & Thur)

2:00  Clean

2:15  Recess

2:30  Enrichment

3:15  Silent Reading

3:30  Dismissed









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