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Crafting Your Words to Live By

Written by BMS Early Learning and Forest Kindergarten Teacher, Jenni Heartway.
The eastern section of our BMS Family Coyote Challenge is an area that represents beginnings. Crafting your family's words to live by is a good way to establish or focus on the values that your family holds dear, and is a nice place to start the Challenge.

To begin this activity, my family and I gathered together to brainstorm our key values. Is it important to have fun,  practice patience, be kind, tell the truth, persist? What values matter most? You can write each idea on a slip of paper and arrange them on the table, or perhaps you have a white board or chalkboard you can all work on. Make sure everyone, even the smallest and the most quiet, have a chance to contribute.
When all your ideas have been shared, go through them and decide which ones are the most important to your family. Find a way to make your words easy to say and remember for your younger family members. The words our youngsters hear become their inner voices and shape who they grow up to be. We want these words to be positive and carry a weight that will help our children thrive.
After crafting your words, put them into action! Give your children an opportunity to witness you practicing patience or being kind. Let them remind you of the words your family has chosen to live by.   
You can also extend this activity into an art project. You could craft a family flag, coat of arms, or sign with your words to live by on it. If you do, please be sure to share your work with us! We would love to see what you come up with! Send photos to Carol or share on our Facebook Page with the hashtag #bmscoyotesummer. Families who share their experiences with us will be included in a drawing at the end of August for a family fun nature experience!
Happy adventuring! 

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