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What We Learned: Shiny Inchworms

From the BMS Early Childhood Class 2017-18

What We Learned In Our Own Words...

  • Crows say caw
  • When you put seeds in the soil and you water it and wait for a couple of days they grow.
  • Ask them for a game and play with them and they will be your friend
  • How to pull up my pants
  • I made birds with clay
  • Plants grow from using water

  • Clay birds break easily
  • A crow goes caw-caw
  • Friendship is good and nice
  • Playing Elsa and Anna
  • When the light blinks it's 5 minutes til clean-up
  • About a deer and hawk
  • You have to water the plants
  • Paddington was good and silly.
  • Plants need water and worms

  • How to read the journal and bag names
  • Plants need water, soil and sun
  • The book about Paddington was a little different than the movie.
  • How to share
  • Birds flap their wings up and down to fly
  • Flowers grow up and tall and need space
  • Helping friends feel better

In Art Class...

  • Drawing
  • Spirit animals
  • Patterns
  • 3-D
  • Birds
  • Warm colors
  • 2-D
  • Cool colors
  • Paper mache
  • Decorating our names
  • Rainbow art
  • Paper flowers
  • Collage
  • Art about community
  • Re-painted school signs
  • Clay
  • Flower of life
  • Painting
  • Cutting
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Rock paintings
  • Gluing

In Yoga Class...

  • Breathing buddies
  • Stories
  • Songs and clap games
  • Musical mat yoga game
  • Hidding yoga card game
  • Share a Pose game
  • Tick Tock Little Yoga Clock
  • Bowing and calm breathing
  • Learning about our feelings
  • Lots of yoga poses
  • Thinking about others and sending love out!
  • Peace in different languages
  • Group Yoga Poses

In Mindfulness Class...

  • Sitting on our cushions
  • Drinking tea and eating cookies mindfully
  • Beginning to sit quietly
  • Listening thoughtfully

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