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Mardi Gras

Thank you for another successful Mardi Gras!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2015 Mardi Gras Ball a fabulous success!

101.5 the Valley’s Music Place
Abigail Bowen
Across the Way
Agatha Grimsley
Alan Kaplan
Amanda Mellowspring
Amber Skies
Amy Avery
Andrea Goodrum
Appalachian Seeds
Asa Pickford
Ashleigh Ward
Ashley Morales
Barb Gillespie
Beth Spillman
Blue Mountain School Students
Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine
Bruce Bryan
Buffalo Mountain Kombucha
Camry Harris
Carol Volker
Cassie Wilson
Chris Luster
Colleen Redman
Colt Coates
Corey Avellar
Dana Beegle
David Grimsley
Daytime Blue Ridge
Deb Tome
Elaine Martinez
Elisha Reygle
Emily Williamson
Fantasy Lighting and Staging
Floyd Farmers Market
Floyd Fitness
Floyd Yoga Jam
Gibby Waitzkin
Hari Berzins
Hoppie Vaughan
Indian Creek Cabins
Inge Terrill
Jamie Reygle
Jason Anderson
Jayn Avery
Joelle Shenk
John Deighan
June Kelly
Justin Grimes
Justin Miller
Katie Cesario
Kim Kessler
Kristan Morrison
Kristy Collins
Laura Polant
Lore Deighan
Mary and John Peluso
Mickey G’s Bistro and Pizzeria
Mike Jones
Monkey Business
New Mountain Mercantile
Parkway Brewing Company
Penny Lane
Perrin Heartway
Phoenix Hardwoods
Pine Tavern Lodge
Ralph Brown
Rebecca Jackson
Red Rooster and Blackwater Loft
Reed Embrey and the Pine Tavern
Republic of Floyd
Sarah McCarthy
Scott and Cassie Pierce
Scott Perry
Shawna Williams
Shayne Dwyer and WDBJ7
Shelly Fox Emmett
Southern Print and Copy
Spoon Fight
Stefi Schafer
Stephen Wallace
Tad Dickens
Thai This Food Truck
The Breeze
The Fat Catz
The Local Zone
Time is Art
Toni Lamberti
Tree Gigante
Under the Sun Tattoo
Wenona Scott
Winter Sun
...and all the revelers who braved the arctic temperatures to come out and party!


2015 Silent Auction Items

Thank you to everyone who has contributed items to our silent auction so far! If you have something you would like to donate, please let us know. This list will be updated, so be sure to check back.

  • Original 2015 Mardi Gras poster artwork by Emily Williamson

  • Quilt made by the Hatching Playful Dragons and June Kelly

  • Two one-hour massages at The Healing Tree with Michael Jones
  • Romantic night for two in the newly renovated King Suite at the Pine Tavern Lodge
  • One-hour personal Tai Chi session with Beth Spillman
  • Painting by Amber Skies
  • Personal archiscape image by Susan McChesney

  • Three-month membership to Floyd Fitness PLUS four training sessions with Rowan
  • One-hour couple's massage at Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine
  • Two tickets to Yoga Jam and two Yoga Jam tumblers
  • Three-month membership to Floyd Fitness PLUS four training sessions with Bridget
  • Paleo Indulgence cookbook donated by Agatha and David Grimsley
  • Hand-built guitar from Flying-A Guitars

  • Pottery and jewelry from Sarah McCarthy
  • Caving Trip for up to 5 kids from John Deighan and the VPI Cave Club
  • Gift certificate for a paper making workshop with Gibby Waitzkin
  • Gift certificate for salon services from Ashleigh Ward
  • Print of artwork by Starroot
  • Basket from Medina Mercantile
  • Print of artwork by Toni Lamberti
  • "Trumpeters in the Mist" - signed print by Guy Crittendon donated by Inge Terrill


  • Crocheted Hello Kitty Hat by Carol Volker

  • Handmade ball jar cozies by Amy Avery

  • Gift certificate from Under the Sun Tattoo
  • Antique child's desk donated by Agatha & David Grimsley

  • Farmopoly donated by Agatha & David Grimsley
  • Farming books donated by Agatha & David Grimsley
  • Still-life painting donated by Agatha & David Grimsley
  • Wrought iron candelabra donated by Agatha & David Grimsley
  • Cardamom plant donated by Agatha & David Grimsley
  • Earrings donated by Agatha & David Grimsley
  • Two cutting boards from Phoenix Hardwoods

  • Planter from Aven Tanner
  • Weekend of dog boarding from Stefi Schafer
  • Cloak from Tree Gigante

  • Earrings from Lore Deighan

  • Five hours of childcare from Stefi Schafer
  • Week of summer camp from Blue Mountain School
  • Art print from Lore Deighan













The 411 on Kiddy Gras

The Kiddy Gras Pajama Party is fast becoming a Floyd Mardi Gras highlight for children lucky enough to attend! Space is limited, so order your tickets now!

Local early childhood specialist, Rebecca Jackson, is leading this year's Kiddy Gras, which is being held at Blue Mountain School. With more than 10 years of experience, Rebbecca has no shortage of fun ideas to share with her guests (ages 3 to 12). Activities include games, crafts, movies and (of course!) dancing to zydeco music!

Please make sure your child has had dinner before arriving. Bringing a favorite blanket or sleeping bag is suggested, so your child will feel nice and cozy as we ease into quieter activities later in the evening. A snack will be provided around 7:30. If your child has any food allergies, please make a note when you buy the ticket. Children must be picked up no later than 12:30 am.

Remember, space is limited, so order your tickets now and have a wonderful, care-free Mardi Gras, knowing your child is in the very best of hands!



Interview with Spoon Fight's Luke Thomas

Read on to learn more about Spoon Fight, the headline act at this year's Mardi Gras!
How did Spoon Fight get started?
My (and Jake’s) mom was teaching at Blue Mountain School, and we started attending. We met Isaac there, and since Jake and I got some instruments for Christmas we started jamming around during break time. We eventually played one song and a jam at the Sun Music Hall for a BMS event, and then also a couple of songs during an event on BMS grounds later on. Since then we've been in and out of a few different projects, but it always eventually came back to the three of us!
What was the best part about going to Blue Mountain School when you were younger?
The freedom. I always feel like creativity can easily get squashed with kids. While I was going to BMS, I would enjoy the class portion, and it also always seemed to pass very quickly and let me get back to playing around with music.
How has the band changed since the early days at Blue Mountain School?
Hah! We’ve gotten a lot better for one thing. I remember practicing our one and only song for hours on end. We’ve all gotten taller too.
Did you expect to still be together today?
I'm sure we all did, but honestly we never thought too much about the future. We were just jamming and having fun.
What other memories do you have of your days at BMS?
I remember always having a great time. A lot of running and playing outside. Tag was a daily event as well as hide-and-seek and soccer. We always seemed to be doing a fun project, too. Making movies, writing stories, and of course playing music.
(Spoon Fight performing at Blue Mountain School's 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2012)
What do you enjoy most about Floyd Mardi Gras?
It's always about the music for us! The costumes are always outstanding every year, too. That's what I love about this event, it's always a fun party, and when you combine that with everyone in the area who attends, it really makes the event special.
What are your thoughts on having become the headline act?
We’re very excited to have a ton of fun and play late! People get dancier and let loose later on in the night! 
What should the audience expect at this Mardi Gras?
Let’s see, Local Music, Costumes, Food, Drinks, Dancers, Dancing, Contests, Prizes, and of course, Spoon Fight ramped up with special guests from the area! :)





Mardi Gras and Kiddy Gras Tickets on Sale!

Eight years ago three kids at Blue Mountain School started a band as a school project. Five years ago those same three kids opened the first ever Floyd Mardi Gras—a fundraiser for the same school at which they played their very first chords together. Every year since those same three kids have performed at the event. THIS year, those three kids have graduated to be the headline act at Floyd’s premier party!

These three kids go by the name of Spoon Fight, and have developed quite a name for themselves locally for their bluesy alternative grooves. But this won’t be any regular Spoon Fight set: it will be loaded with special guests, culminating in an all-star jam guaranteed to have every foot tapping and every booty shaking.

If only all graduation parties were this much fun!

Not that the tempo will be dropping much at any point of the evening, with two great opening acts aiming to warm up the dance floor for the headliners. Floyd’s Time Is Art have spent the past few years making cosmic reggaebilly a very real and danceable thing, while The Fat Catz are rapidly earning a solid following for their jazz-filled dance jams. Dance outfit Gyroscopic return as well, to ensure the eyes are entertained as well as the ears.
And coming loaded with the good luck and even better love, MC Shamama will be there to bring the vision to fruition.

And as always, there’ll be prizes (including Chef’s Choice for Two at Mickey G’s), a silent auction (featuring, among other things, Emily Williamson’s original poster artwork), beer from Parkway Brewing Company and a special Mardi Gras menu from the Pine Tavern Restaurant. And of course the night’s highlight: the crowning of Floyd’s Mardi Gras King and Queen.

And just around the corner, at Blue Mountain School, you can bring your kids for the Kiddy Gras Pajama Party! Tickets are only available online in advance, and are strictly limited!

And drive home safe with a Designated Driver ticket, which gets you in cheap and earns you all the free soda and Buffalo Mountain Kombucha you can drink. (No alcohol, though!). Or forget the drive altogether with a Stay & Dine Package from Pine Tavern Lodge, featuring accommodation, a meal for two, plus two Mardi Gras tickets for just $90!

Doors at the Pine Tavern open at 6:30pm on Friday, February 13th. Tickets are available now at Republic of Floyd, Blue Mountain School, Black Water Loft, and online.



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