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Thank you for a successful Mardi Gras!

Thank you for your part in making Mardi Gras such a success!

What do we mean by success? The answer is not as simple as it may first appear. Sure, it was a fundraiser, and the point of fundraisers is to raise funds, right? Well, partly - and our initial analysis indicates that we did as good a job as we've ever done at that. But there's so much more to the equation. Here are some of the ways in which we measure success at an event like Mardi Gras:

  • Bringing the wider community together. As you may have noticed - if you've been to Mardi Gras before - there were a lot of new faces there on Saturday night. They had a blast right alongside all the old faces, and plenty of them said that next year they're bringing their friends. Success.
  • Bringing the Blue Mountain School community together. We have never had so much support from the school community for one of these events, which is great in two ways: 1) your support means so much to us, and 2) you all hopefully got to have a blast right alongside one another. Success.
  • Publicity. We've never before been given so much publicity for a single event. Blue Mountain School was mentioned in interviews on two radio stations and one TV station, had three weeks of stories in The Floyd Press, a bunch of coverage in The Roanoke Times, and was all over the internet. As a result, people came from as far away as West Virginia and North Carolina. Success.
  • EcoVillage. We helped introduce hundreds of people to the space, and they loved it (who couldn't!). People were inquiring about other events and/or renting the space, and you know almost all of them will be back for more. Success.
  • Blue Mountain School's community connection. Floyd's Mayor is the new Mardi Gras King, y'all (and he'll be back next year)! Success.
  • Kiddy Gras. Sold out. In its first year. Success.
  • Music. Three bands: one of them all BMS alumni, two of them playing together for the very first time. All of them rocked. Keep an eye out for Opening Act - you'll no doubt be hearing more from them - but you'll always be able to say you saw them first. And you'll always be able to see you saw the only performance of this version of Lagniappe. Success.
  • Tom. Would have been proud. Success.
  • The vibe. Let me ask you this: did you have fun? Success.

In every way we can think of, this year's Mardi Gras was a success, and it was in no small part because of you. Thank you!

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